Bodhidharma sailed from India to China, met the Chinese emperor, sat facing a wall for 9 years at the Shaolin Monastery, and initiated one of the most influential schools of thought in the world... called Chán (or Zen) philosophy.

A common Zen question for quieting the mind is "Why Did Bodhidharma Come to the East?" that refers to Bodhidharma is main purpose to move his knowledge to east culture. This knowledge has been grown up for many centuries. Nowadays the world become smaller and smaller so this rich knowledge can be spread all over the world through media & fast transportations. The question can easily become "Why Did Bodhidharma Come from the East?" so we can take this knowledge and go further our civilisation through ancient paths of wisdom.

Main porpose of the project

Shaolin Temple in China is the best place to practice original Kung Fu and they're surely unrivaled, but the tickets cost much and the trip is difficult... Our main target is to bring the real traditional training of Shaolin Gong Fu to the west, more closer to the people who do not have the opportunity to travel to China or those who have traveled before and they want to do the same program in the west. Greece is a wonderful place for this purpose, became the whether conditions are similar to Song San mountain. In addition we'll supply qualified teachers from China, so the results will be the same.


1 or 2 Weeks

7 or 14 days continuous training. You can choose some of this days.


6 hours / day

A full well designed program for maximum performance & learning.


3 classes

for more accurate learning there are seperated classes, for children & adults.




"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."

Lao Tzu

"The practice of shaolin warrior ethics comes first..." 习武德为先

Master Shi Heng Jun

"Practice without pause..."

Just a Gong Fu saying