The health and safety of our campers is our number one priority. The Shaolin Summer Camp is officially certified by munisipality of SIkionion and every year before use is disinsectisationed. In the event of an emergency health issue, the  Health Center of Kiato is 15 about minutes away.

Weekly fire drills are conducted, and the camp facilities are also equipped with an advanced fire alarm system that will activate across the entire site if one goes off.

The lodging is in buildings, seperated for women & men and the capacity is 20 people per room.

Bath facilities are fully supplied with warm water and of cource are seperated for women's & men's.

"I'm already wait for the next year camp"

Inbal from Israel

"Perfect experience accompanied with beautiful nature"

Dajana from Slovenia

"Leaving (the camp) was difficult. If staying was an option I would have..."

Tomás from Ireland