Location & Directions

General Information on Klimenti

Klimenti is a Village in Sikyon in Corinth in the Peloponnese Region of Greece. In 1991, Klimenti's population was 279, down from 315 in 1981. Locations near Klimenti include the Village of Kessari and the Village of Velina.
  • Postal Code: 20017
  • Tel +30 27420
  • Altitude: 960 meters
  • Longitude: 22o 33' 49.37" E
  • Latitude: 37o 57' 36.85" N

How to get

Athens Airport to Kiato is 1 hrs 45 min, 141.5 km
and costs 20€ - 28€ by train that departs from Athens Airport hourly (17 stops approx).

For more details Visit https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Athens-Airport-ATH/Klim%C3%A9ndi

After  Kiato arival we can arange to get you after contacting us by a message from skype, messager or just a phone call.


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