4th Traditional Shaolin Camp in Greece

For the fourth consecutive year, "Pigi tou Nearou Dasous" of Corinth, 4-10 July, organized the annually summer retreat for all-day exercise in the traditional way of practice of Shaolin Kung Fu in the beautiful natural setting of mountainous Korinthia. This year the program included the classical form of Xiao Hong Quan for younger’s group,  Tong Bei Chui of traditional "Xing Yi Ba” style for adults and the Duan Qun for all participants.

Apart from the basic training every night accompanied by a separate activity which gave participants the opportunity to come close with various interesting issues for mind, body and health as: First Aids, 8 points allowed and 8 not allowed in martial arts, self-defense law practice & advices, massage and pressure points for health and wellbeing, stretching easing program, meditation and finally an exciting afternoon with archery in the wonderful surroundings of lake Stymphalia. The week ended with the visit of the shifu Shi Yan Ia where he attended the short presentation of the curriculum of the students and handed congratulating them commemorative certificates of attendance at this year's retreat signed by him.

Undoubtedly there is no more perfect place to practice and contemplation of the nature where the spirit and body cleansing, takes place away from the noise of everyday life and dedication to this way unbroken and continuous. The appointment certainly renewed for next year with an even richer and more practically useful program based on the treasures of the Shaolin Culture.

"I'm already wait for the next year camp"

Inbal from Israel

"Perfect experience accompanied with beautiful nature"

Dajana from Slovenia

"Leaving (the camp) was difficult. If staying was an option I would have..."

Tomás from Ireland