3rd International Shaolin Tai Ji & Qi Gong Camp

Annual wellness retreat for Mind and Body based on ancient cultures of Shaolin Gong Fu (Kung Fu), Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) & Qi Gong has be taken place in 28 June - 5 July 2019. The 3rd International (7th in Greece) Shaolin Tai JI & Qi Gong summer camp in Greece Qigong in the beautiful natural setting of mountainous Corinthia by "Pigi tou Nearou Dasous" of Corinth. Participation was not only from Greece but also from all over the world. People from Israel, Brasil, Belgium, England, Scotland, Germany, Portugal & Greece honored joining us with their presence, making our camp "international" for 3d time.  
The training program this year included training in one classical form of Traditional Shaolin Gong Fu and Tai Ji. The daily program also fulfilled with Qi Gong exercises as Xi Sui Jing (Brain and Marrow cleansing) - Yin Jing Jing (Tendons & Muscles Change), Ba Duan jin (8 pieces of brocade), Wu Qin Xi (Five animals immitation to regulate internal organs) and Liu Zi Jue (6 healing sounds for exceed negative qi from the organs).
In addition to basic training every night accompanied with a special activity that gives participants the opportunity to come closer with different interests, collateral issues regarding the spirit, body and health as basic massage techniques for health and wellness, meditation (Chan) in the wonderful surroundings of lake Stymphalia, hiking routes in the surrounding area, views with interesting topics, etc.  
Undoubtedly there is no more perfect place to practice and contemplation from nature itshelf, where the mind and body cleaning takes place away from the noise of everyday life and dedication to this is continuous and unbroken. The appointment is definitely renewed for the year with an even more rich and practically beneficial program based on the treasures of Shaolin & Tai Ji (or Tai Chi) culture and not only.
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"I'm already wait for the next year camp"

Inbal from Israel

"Perfect experience accompanied with beautiful nature"

Dajana from Slovenia

"Leaving (the camp) was difficult. If staying was an option I would have..."

Tomás from Ireland