2d Traditional Shaolin Camp in Greece

Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union in Greece organized the Second Traditional Shaolin Retreat in Greece

Αfter our First Traditional Shaolin Retreat in 2013 we successfully completed, the second one, which lasted from 4 to 13 July 2014, was a full exercising and living program of training standards in China's traditional Shaolin schools which would surely remain unforgettable to those who took part in. The retreat held in Korinthia in Klimenti village and supported by the local municipality. The educational program organized by four teachers of Greek Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union (Greek named: "Pigi tou Nearou Dasous"). 

During the training, there were many interesting things concerning the philosophy and the art of Shaolin as screenings, lectures and excursions to nearby exercise in particular areas as there are beautiful valleys and lakes around. 

The children's class, noted high participation from last year and devoted to learning the traditional frame of "7 Star Fist" (Qi Xing Quan), the teenagers and adults’ class of Shaolin Kung Fu trained in a particular form of "Fist of 5 animals" (Wu Xing Quan) while a second adult section (elder) learned the "soft fist" (Rou Quan) . Other activities took place such as evening screenings of Shaolin documentaries, lessons about Shaolin history and philosophy, Chan cultivation (quiet sitting) from all people.

At the end of the retreat everybody performed their learning and shared commemorative awards the impressions of all students were awesome. Most of them would like to experience the real Shaolin Temple life and the opportunity would be given to them this year. 
 THe event also covered by official Shaolin Temple web site here

"I'm already wait for the next year camp"

Inbal from Israel

"Perfect experience accompanied with beautiful nature"

Dajana from Slovenia

"Leaving (the camp) was difficult. If staying was an option I would have..."

Tomás from Ireland