1st Traditional Shaolin Camp in Greece

Successfully completed the 1st Traditional Shaolin Retreat which lasted from 9 to 19 July 2013. It was a full exercising and living program of training standards in China's traditional Shaolin schools which will surely remain unforgettable to those who took part. The retreat held in Corinthia in Klimenti" village and supported by the local municipality. The educational program organized by four teachers of Greek Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple's Union (Greek: "Pigi tou Nearou Dasous").

During the training occurred many interesting events concerning the philosophy and the art of Shaolin as screenings, lectures and excursions to nearby exercise in particular areas as there are beautiful valleys and lakes around. Note that the food menu was based on the nutritional food requirements of the China so tried the best simulation of lifestyle and exercise that is done there.

Indeed, the communal - like monastic - life with all its difficulties, "carved" the character of students taught through this experience the basic principles of mutual respect and self-governing group life of Shaolin monks. So students in this short period of time had the opportunity, except to exercise their bodies also to explore life and find themselves  because external efforts has always combined with inner cultivation...

Except the accommodation and meals, the day-long program was created for three groups separately, adults, teens & children for better serve trainees. Daily practice was consisted from traditional Shaolin forms and the "quiet sitting" of Chan. Also included evening screenings and lectures about the philosophy of Shaolin.

The participation was widely and the impressions of all students were awesome. Most of them would like to experience the real Shaolin Temple life and the opportunity will be given to them the next year.


"I'm already wait for the next year camp"

Inbal from Israel

"Perfect experience accompanied with beautiful nature"

Dajana from Slovenia

"Leaving (the camp) was difficult. If staying was an option I would have..."

Tomás from Ireland